Thursday, November 11, 2010


A lot of you are still using a blackberry with a Trackball. this post is dedicated to those who's come to realize that their trackball "CLICK"is getting a bit "softer", or that ur trackball is getting "STUCK".

now let me explain to you how this works so u have a better understanding as to why.
1) ur rubber trackball is like a car tire, it will wear out eventually. when it gets "bald" thats when its not gripping the teeth/rail. (this cannot be fixed, a replacement is due)
2)ur trackball is like a mouse that we used to use with a ball at the bottom. it has 4 straight bars with teeth holding that ball in place, when you roll it, it makes the bar rolls, hence the rolling movement. it will get dirty time to time, and it does require cleaning when it gets "STUCK" and are not moving into one direction. although reasons may varies as to ur trackball functionality, but dirtiness is the main reason why.

cleaning it - you may use nail polish remover, or any alcohol to rub it with a cotton swap lightly, make sure ur phone is OFF, and not too wet. then just clean it thoroughly. then, make sure it is completely dry before u ON ur phone.
just simply replace it by order it from me now...

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